Have you arrived at a turning point in your life??

Are you selling your business, having a major relationship change in your life, experiencing a health diagnosis or simply are you unsure of what to do or where to go next?

What if you could see the potential of your life?

What if we can create an environment for reflection and realisation that allows you to find your new path and gain a fresh perspective on your story.

What if we can help you change and create your next chapter?

Peter and Hilary give you a blank piece of paper and the time, space and attention to help you write your next chapter.

Have you arrived at a turning point in your life?

How do Next Chapter Retreats work??

We rarely get the time or space to consider some of the important life-questions including,
“What is the second most important day in my life?”

NextChapterRetreats is the unique way to explore, and then live the next chapter of your life

NextChapterRetreats works with people at major transition-points in their life.
Giving people a blank piece of paper and the time, space and attention to help them write their next chapter.

Peter, Hilary and their trusted team work at depth in small groups, helping them craft and develop their stories in a secure, trusted and supportive environment.
Uncover the past and present to define your purpose and potential.

Create an environment for reflection and realisation that allows you to find your new path and gain a fresh perspective on your story.

Helping you change and create your next chapter.
If you’re at a turning point in your life, we help you rediscover the next steps and give you the space, time and attention to carefully reflect on your past, then to create and achieve your future.

If you’re at a crossroads in your life, that feels a bit more like spaghetti junction than a T Junction, we give you the tools to navigate the path ahead.
Taking time out of the day job and the busy schedule to be given the genuine time, space and freedom to define your next chapter.


2 & 5-day Retreats, backed up with support, consultancy and 1-1 coaching if required.

1/2-day introduction seminar: ‘How are you… really?’, looking at the balanced life

Retire, retread, renew – A programme for the second half of life     

Chapter 2: 5 Day Retreats

Chapter 3: Involving family, friends, colleagues and teams

How are you... really?

How are you... really?

When did you last ask yourself that question? Last week, last year, last decade, ever?
Life these days is turbulent. Things have changed around us in ways we could never have anticipated. Some of it has been very uncomfortable, but there are other bits we’ve liked, and it has made us wonder whether this would be a good time to intentionally make some changes in our lives.
Are you happy, fulfilled and following the path you want to follow? How’s your health? Do you have the financial resources you need?
We are offering three one hour webinars to enable you to answer these questions and start on the road to making the changes you need and want to make. We’ll have health and financial planning experts guiding you towards answering some very important life questions and pointing out some of the warning signs that might lead you to considering a different path or a new chapter to your life.
At NextChapterRetreats, we give you a blank sheet of paper and the time, space and attention to write your next chapter. Uncover. Create. Change.
To sign up for this webinar series please email Hilary to reserve your space

In Stories We Exist

In Stories We Exist

Located in the breath-taking-beautiful West coast of Ireland in Co Kerry and based at the stunning Sheen Falls Lodge, these 2 days provide so much more than simply 2 days away from the busy-ness and pressure.

After a cheese and wine-tasting reception and welcome meal, the first full day starts with a morning in the Derrynane National Park, where a local storyteller brings to life local folklore stories before free time to think, walk, and explore the forest and beach and Abbey Island.

We return to the Retreat Hotel after lunch, where Irish authors Christine Breen and Niall Williams share their insights into local Irish story-writing over drinks and supper.

The next day is devoted to examining the stories we tell about our own lives and the impact they have on us and those around us. What does this tell us about a crossroads we’re currently facing and how to find the way forward?

At NextChapterRetreats, we give you a blank sheet of paper and the time, space and attention to write your next chapter.

Retire, retread, renew

Retire, retread, renew

This programme aims to help you know that you are following the path which is right and fulfilling for you and which will bring you most happiness. It is designed to give you the opportunity to dream and for anyone who wants to write their next chapter.

You're in or have had a sucessful career, but feel the need to change. You might be experiencing:
General dissatisfaction
Working from home during ``lockdown`` has opened your eyes to new possibilities
Career change has been forced on you and you feel unprepared
A feeling that what you're doing has little purpose
It's time to reappraise your options and move to something different

We are offering a weekly programme of eight two-hour webinars beginning on 9th July designed to support you in thinking about making such a a change, to enable to you to feel positive about and committed to your options, formulate and implement an action plan.

These webinars will be led and facilitated by Hilary Rowland and an experienced business consultant and coach.

5 Day Retreats

5 Day Retreats

Split into an initial 3 days and then about 10 weeks later, a further 2 days, our flagship programme takes you beyond the crossroads from confusion to clarity. Starting with the stories we tell about ourselves and our past, we look at them to spot the trends and themes that will create our Next Chapter, that shows us at our best and most fulfilled. After some Preparation work, part 1 looks at what happens if we retell our stories from a different perspective and what that shows about our values and priorities when we’re at our best. These helps create your LifeStoryCanvas, with the strands for your NextChapter. After some weeks for further thinking and planning, part 2 helps you write that Next Chapter and an action plan to help you live it.

The Journey

In our retreat environment we take you from the uncertainty of the major crossroads to the present and look at the stories you tell about your past to uncover you at your best, create the next chapter where you’ll refocus on where you want to go next, and then support you as you understand and make the change to get there successfully.

WHY does NextChapterRetreats work??

What if everyone woke up to the power of their story?
What if everyone woke up to their potential?
This opportunity is for you to craft your next chapter:
By taking quality time over two residential retreats in a comfortable rural location, NextChapterRetreats uses The LifeStoryCanvas as the unique way for you to craft and then live the next chapter of your life. We create an environment where you will be inspired, supported and excited.
Client Review


As I’ve re-invented myself many times, I have negotiated many turning-points in my life, including becoming a writer and seeing the power of story in helping to make sense of our lives.






In my career as a business coach, mentor and consultant, I’ve encountered many people at transition points in their lives, transitions which can be bewildering and painful. I’ve encountered them in my own life and know that a guide and map like NextChapterRetreats can be extremely helpful.


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