Come to a turning point in your life??

Unsure what to do or where to go next?

What if you could see the potential of your life?

Work with us if you’re determined to craft the next chapter of your life

Peter & Hilary, creators of TheLifeStoryCanvas, help you write your Next Chapter…

Come to a turning point in your life?

HOW does TheNextChapter work??

We rarely get the time or space to consider some of the important life-questions including,
“What is the second most important day in my life?”

TheNextChapter is the unique way to explore, and then live the next chapter of your life

We are known for...creating an environment where you uncover who you want to be, to make a positive difference in your world. We use the ‘architecture’ of story to facilitate a guided experience for people at important life-turning points in order to rediscover your passion and purpose. Key turning-points might include selling a business, a health diagnosis, a career-change or redundancy, a divorce, a bereavement or a mid life crisis...

Programme outline

We use two retreats, (3 days and 2 days) roughly 13 weeks apart. They’re a special opportunity for you to step away with time and space to consider your answers to some of the most important questions you face.
3 days Past and Present

3 days Past and Present

Using your unique timeline, we help you create your past and present stories and its plot-twists or turning-points; identify you at your best; and answer the question, 'why were you born?' so you find your purpose and identify what you’ll work on before the second retreat.

2 days Future

2 days Future

We cover such thing as understanding change; finding your vision or purpose, what might stop you and how to craft the structure of your next chapter.

The Journey

In our retreat environment we take you from the uncertainty of the major crossroads to the present and look at the stories you tell about your past to uncover you at your best, create the next chapter where you’ll refocus on where you want to go next, and then support you as you understand and make the change to get there successfully.

WHY does TheNextChapter work??

What if everyone woke up to the power of their story?
What if everyone woke up to their potential?
This opportunity is for you to craft your next chapter:
By taking quality time over two residential retreats in a comfortable rural location, TheNextChapter uses TheLifeStoryCanvas as the unique way for you to craft and then live the next chapter of your life. We create an environment where you will be inspired, supported and excited.
Client Review


As I’ve re-invented myself many times, I have negotiated many turning-points in my life, including becoming a writer and seeing the power of story in helping to make sense of our lives.





In my career as a business coach, mentor and consultant, I’ve encountered many people at transition points in their lives, transitions which can be bewildering and painful. I’ve encountered them in my own life and know that a guide and map like TheNextChapter can be extremely helpful.

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